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Orthopedic Leg Pillow

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1.The ergonomic contour design: keeps the legs, hips and spine in ideal alignment and improves blood circulation during sleep.
2.High density memory foam: Made of 100% high quality memory foam, it can maintain comfort for longer, better than other cushions, it does not flatten over time.
3.The use of the knees to relieve your specific pain:hind legs of the knee Knee support Relief of nerve.

The product is pressure and relief of sciatica. Ventilation holes are provided in the memory foam to aid air circulation during the night. Foam temperature regulation technology pushes heat away from the body to avoid feeling overheated.

Color: white, blue, red, yellow, black
Filler composition and content: 100% polyurethane
Pillow height: 10.1-15cm
Pillow shape: arched pillow
Applicable number: single
Applicable object: Adult
Filling: latex

Package Included:
1 x Memory foam leg pillow

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